Technical data Concept Characters Episodes
EPISODE 01: Betís secret
EPISODE 02: We have a visitor
EPISODE 03: Different
EPISODE 04: Waste in the water
EPISODE 05: Tourists in Antarctica
EPISODE 06: Betís new pet
EPISODE 07: The videoconference
EPISODE 08: The sponsors
EPISODE 09: A seal in danger
EPISODE 10: A dreadful birthday
EPISODE 11: Weíve got a problem
EPISODE 12: Danger at the airport
EPISODE 13: Weíre on TV
EPISODE 14: Grandmaís decision
EPISODE 15: In search of the treasure
EPISODE 16: Penguins
EPISODE 17: Trapped!
EPISODE 18: Antarctica on the Rocks
EPISODE 19: The secret base
EPISODE 20: Gotcha!
EPISODE 21: Virus and ...virus!
EPISODE 22: Those who lie will pay for it
EPISODE 23: Letís save the base
EPISODE 24: Change of colours
EPISODE 25: Lucy in the Sky
EPISODE 26: The big party
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